iLearnathome_logoIn order to mitigate the impact of digital divide on the quality of learning and drive wider adoption of Internet learning in a safe and healthy manner, the Financial Secretary announced in his 2010 budget a two-pronged strategy to assist students from low-income families to undertake web-based learning at home, which includes:

(a) Internet Access Subsidy
A yearly subsidy at full grant of $1,300 and half grant of $650 to reduce the financial burden of low-income families with students on Internet access at home

(b) Internet Learning Support Programme
A five-year programme to help eligible families acquire affordable Internet services and computer equipments and to provide them with necessary user and social support

The Internet Access Subsidy has been disbursed to eligible families in the beginning of 2010/11 school year, and the five-year “i Learn at home” Internet Learning Support
Programme, was put in place in July 2011 to deliver services to the needy families and students.

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) established Internet Learning Resource Centre Ltd. (ILRC) in April 2011 to implement the “i Learn at home” programme under thebrand name of WebOrganic for eligible families in the western region of Hong Kong.