1. Application Submission

Applicants are required to submit the following documents to Community Support Centres (CSC):

  1. Membership Registration Form*
  2. Service Application Form*
  3. With the following supporting documents:
    Families receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance

    • Certificate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Recipients (for Medical Waivers)
    • Residential address proof
    • Student card or student handbook
    Families receiving School Textbook Assistance

    • 2014/15 Notification of Result or Eligibility Certificate (Financial Assistance for Primary and Secondary Students) issued by the Student Finance Office of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency

*Application forms can be downloaded from here

2. Payment

CSC will issue Payment Advice and applicants are required to settle the payment and return the payment Proof to CSC.

WebOrganic will contact applicants on product delivery or broadband installation within 4 weeks.