Programme Introduction


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Programme Introduction

Internet and information technology bring huge opportunities to all walks of life, especially for our e-generation youth and child. For deprived children without much resources, if they possess positive values and right attitudes, and realize the vast opportunities from the world, by leveraging information technology, we believe they could make a difference in their lives and to the world. In the past WebOrganic Mentorship Programme, over 100 tertiary students became our mentors and companied with mentees to develop their full potentials. WebOrganic is operating its mentorship program in different communities in order to establish more win-win relationship for our mentors and mentees.

Programme Objective

Through the guidance of mentors, mentees can enhance awareness of healthy use of the Internet, formulate personal study plan and portfolio. During the process, mentors will understand the challenges faced by children from deprived families.

Service Target

Full-time students from primary 4 to 6 and receiving one of the following subsidies –

  • the flat-rate grant for School-related Expenses under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) scheme; or
  • ‘Full’ or ‘Half’ level of financial assistance from the Student Finance Office of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency

Content of Service

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Apply Now (Application deadline for 2016-17 : 20 January 2017)


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