Qualification and Responsibilities of Mentor


Qualification of Mentor

Any full-time student enrolled in a local tertiary institute, being mature with positive personality, and willing to serve the children in the lower income families.

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Responsibilities of Mentor

  • Attend training and Mentee-Mentor Matching activity
  • Organize at least 4 meetings and activities to co-create mentee’s digital portfolios
  • Learn the challenges faced by underprivileged children on living and learning
  • Share University life and encourage underprivileged children to broaden their horizons
  • Organize Closing Ceremony

Mentor Training and Support

Mentor Training 1: Basic knowledge and skills as mentors
Mentor Training 2: Knowledge on IT literacy and Web-based software

In order to follow-up the learning progress of both mentors and mentees and provide timely support, WebOrganic’s Community Partners will provide at least two follow-up sessions to mentors through interview, telephone call or email.