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The Hong Kong Digital Academy

“The Hong Kong Digital Academy” YouTube channel innovates learning for Hong Kong students
YouTube and WebOrganic raise the bar for local education with Internet technology

HONG KONG, March 12, 2013 – YouTube and WebOrganic today announced the launch of the “The Hong Kong Digital Academy” YouTube channel (, opening a new chapter for e-learning! The collaboration builds a one-stop education platform for Hong Kong by collecting together the city’s interactive educational videos.

Aiming to promote the effectiveness and flexibility of Internet teaching in the education sector, the channel allows local educators to enhance their teaching by uploading their lessons as interesting films to reach out to more students. Students, on the other hand, can log onto the website and explore videos of various academic subjects easily, enjoying a more interactive, creative and independent learning experience.

Supported by the Hong Kong Education Bureau, YouTube and local non-governmental organization WebOrganic has joined hands to create and operate the new online platform, enabling educators to teach the future leaders in an enriched learning environment. The Hong Kong Digital Academy program targets local senior primary and secondary school students and features qualified videos on major subjects including Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies. Teachers and parents are encouraged to help students use the platform to enhance their interest in learning.

To encourage more students and teachers to use the “Hong Kong Digital Academy” YouTube channel, YouTube and WebOrganic are inviting teachers to upload original educational videos to the channel starting today. The video uploaded to the channel will automatically be enrolled into “The Hong Kong Digital Academy Educational Video Contest.” The closing date of the contest is August 31, 2013 and the prize-giving ceremony will be held in September. The school producing the best video will win five tablet PCs and a trophy. To commend their unceasing effort on raising local education standard through Internet technologies, teachers with outstanding performance will be elected to become “Star Teacher.” For details, please refer to “The Hong Kong Digital Academy” YouTube channel.

The Secretary for Education, Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim, said: “Education is of great importance to social advancement and we have to move with times. The Education Bureau encourages and supports the collaboration among different sectors of the community to make good use of the Internet with a view to strengthening the effectiveness of learning and teaching. Hence, we welcome the establishment of The Hong Kong Digital Academy YouTube channel to provide high-quality educational videos through the participation of various stakeholders and promote interactive learning as a means to enhance learning interest and effectiveness. We wish the project every success in its development to benefit more students, teachers and parents.”

Stella Cheung, Sales Director of Google Hong Kong, said: “We are delighted to work with WebOrganic and to have the support of the Hong Kong Education Bureau. By launching a specific YouTube channel for the education sector, we hope to create one single platform that compiles the efforts of local educators, advances the trend of online learning and puts it into action. This collaboration is the beginning of YouTube EDU’s commitment to driving innovations in education. Through this program, YouTube will continue to work with local organizations to introduce more Internet services that fit the needs of students, so that the students will gain access to local and international educational video resources. We hope that it will help nurture the next generation of leaders and promote sustainable development in the society.”

Erwin Huang, CEO of WebOrganic, said: “The online platform allows students to learn easily at home, empowering them to enjoy a more independent, liberal and interesting learning process. WebOrganic continues to eliminate education obstacles via digitalization and provide equal learning opportunities for students. We are delighted to partner with Google in building this online learning platform, in advancing our shared goals together.”

Aside from one-way educational videos, educators can use Google+ Hangouts to engage with students interactively, encouraging them to raise questions and enhance their critical thinking. YouTube representatives and WebOrganic volunteers will also hold regular YouTube Content Workshops for educators, enhancing their skills in filming, post-production and video channel maintenance, in hopes of attracting more teachers to go online and teach effectively.

The Hong Kong Digital Academy project was piloted at Salesian School, S.K.H. Kei Oi Primary School, Hong Kong Institute of Education Jockey Club Primary School and True Light Middle School of Hong Kong, offering educational videos in the Chinese, English, Mathematics and Liberal Studies subjects. The channel is also fully accessible to all local students, teachers and parents, and any interested parties can check the site for updates at any time. As of now, there are more than 20 educational videos on the channel, and respective teachers in the above schools are participating in the YouTube Content Workshops. In the future, more videos will be uploaded onto the YouTube channel and reruns will be played on Google+ Hangouts regularly for students and parents.

In the coming months, YouTube and WebOrganic will actively expand “The Hong Kong Digital Academy” to cover more academic disciplines and levels. All schools can participate in the project, so that more students can benefit from learning through the Internet, and thus bringing outstanding learning outcomes. YouTube and WebOrganic plan to over hundred video online to “The Hong Kong Digital Academy” YouTube channel by this September, creating what is expected to be one of the region’s largest database of educational multimedia resources, centralizing more high-standard multimedia resources. With access to materials on a variety of disciplines and study levels, users in Hong Kong and beyond can take learning outside of the classroom and benefit from the limitless possibilities enabled by the Internet.

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About YouTube
YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share original videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small. YouTube, LLC is based in San Bruno, Calif., and is a subsidiary of Google Inc.

About WebOrganic
WebOrganic is the service brand of Internet Learning Resource Centre (ILRC) — a social enterprise wholly owned by HKCSS. The mandate of ILRC is to implement the Internet Learning Support Program sponsored by OGCIO to eligible students in the 10 districts of the Western region in Hong Kong.

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