WebOrganic Fund Intoduction


WebOrganic Fund was established for promoting digital inclusion and reducing digital gaps.The main purpose of the Fund at this stage is to give financial support for the deprived without receiving CSSA or SFA and those receiving CSSA or SFA but having financial difficulties on purchasing of computer, internet service, and peripherals/software for the disabled or student with special educational needs.


  1. Family with children age 6-18 and apply on whole family basis
  2. Applicants who are NOT recipients of CSSA/ SFA, yet the total family income does not exceed WebOrganic monthly income requirements; or applicants who are recipients of CSSA/ SFA (full/ half), yet still cannot afford the extra spending beyond the gov. internet subsidy; or applicants either receiving subsidy of CSSA/ SFA or not, funding could be applied for purchasing learning equipments of special needs.
  3. Priority will be given to first applicant for the family or without application in the past three years.
  4. Applicants, who are Illegal immigrant or under political protection, are excluded in this Fund.
  5. Fund can be awarded at the discretion of Vetting Committee if families are under special situations that are not covered by the above conditions.